10 Production Tips Of The Week #1


Music Production Tips

1. Attempt to sidechain a gate on your lead sound to gain more power on the tail of your sound.

2. Take a sub kick. Extend it considerably the beat, 4 times over. Include a downward pitch bend. There’s your sub boom. Turn around it to get a low breadth riser write impact. Modify with channels and eq and blur ins to your enjoying.

3. In the event that you utilize reverbs and delay. Attempt to make 2 or 3 great ones and just utilize those in the track. So quiet the impacts from your vst synthesizers. This will make the trackless hazy.

4. When blending a track to a specific din. Take a track you like, set your volume handle/fader to a settled point. Keep in mind how uproarious that track sounded and attempt to blend your track towards it. For my situation, I know how noisy a track should sound when my volume handle is at 5 past 12. Blending towards that is an alternate story however it is an awesome rule.

5. Numerous Eq vst’s enable you to give the L and R channel separate eq. This done right it augments up your sound.

6. Endeavor to abuse a multiband compressor as an equalizer on your lead sound and find what happens!

7. In the event that you need to make more nearness on a sound. Put a reverb on it with a short pre-postponement and short reverb time.

8. When EQ’ing sounds. It’s more essential how they sound in the blend at that point solo’d. Cut out all the freq you don’t wanna hear. Regardless of whether you don’t hear them

9. Kicks:

Locate a fundamental kick which sounds great. 909, example it, whatever. Ensure you have it at the correct volume. Not too delicate, not to uproarious:- ).

At that point

Rather than packing it attempt to put over your existing kick a section “see beneath” of another kick or tom or cowbell or bass synth or whatever suits your preferred, which you might want to emphasize in your kick blend. Since super little part you can blend also. Attempt mutilation, Eq, channel and see what happens.


‘Assault (gives more to)/Decay (Gives more nearness)/Sustain and Release (gives more low end and longer tail)’.

10. On the off chance that you need a louder blend you need to make your blend sound more extensive. #panning #enhancing #delays #reverb This will ensure that there is still space for all components in the track. It likewise makes more headroom and more potential outcomes to build the sound level.

Source: Maarten Vorwerk

10 Production Tips Of The Week #1
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